Secure Your Home This Summer!

Secure Your Home This Summer!

With the mercury finally rising and summer holidays on the horizon, the temptation to leave windows open while you are out increases. Of course, we all love the feel of a gentle breeze blowing through the house on a hot stuffy day, but to would-be home intruders a window lift even slight ajar, is an invitation that some just can’t resist.

Leaving your home while you set out for your annual fortnight in the sun can also be a green light to unsavoury characters if you have not taken safety precautions before you leave. We already know that burglaries are on the increase in Surrey.

“The police recorded 458,021 more offences in the year ending March 2017 than in the previous year. This 10% rise in the number of recorded crimes in the latest year was largely driven by increases in violence against the person (up 175,060 offences, 18%), theft (up 118,774 offences, 7%) and public order offences (up 78,697 offences, 39%).”

Office of National Statistics – Original Source

Summer Months See a Dramatic Rise In Surrey Break-Ins

If a chancer is planning to break into your home to steal, they will no doubt try to do it any time of year. But, the summer months always see an increase in attempted and successful break-ins as houses are left empty for weeks at a time, and windows and doors are open.

To prevent your home from looking like an easy target, the police recommend that you take the usual precautions before you go away on your holidays, these include:

  • Make your home look like someone is living in it
  • Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights and radios on when it goes dark
  • Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries
  • Use the Royal Mail’s Keepsafe Service – they keep your mail for up to 2 months while you’re away. Mail sitting on your doorstep is a sign that you are away
  • Trusted neighbours may be able to help you by collecting your post, opening and closing curtains and they could park their car on your driveway
  • Avoid discussing holiday plans on public social networking sites – burglars can use any information you post on there to their advantage

Whilst this is all staunch advice that will help to protect your home, what if you would like to take further precautions, or be able to keep any eye on your home wherever you are in the world?

Crime Data from the Office of National Statistics

The image below shows the crime data from December 1981 through to March 2017 from the Office of National Statistics. You will see that the amount of criminal offences has risen year on year since 2014.

Crime Data from December 1981 to March 2017 from the Office of National Statistics

CCTV – The Affordable Alternative To Traditional Home Security

CCTV is usually something we only associate with large open areas like town centres or public highways. While they have been positioned in towns and cities for many years, keeping us safe 24 hours a day, you can use this type of technology to keep your home secure too. Advances in security technology and the increased use of smart devices means that you can literally keep an eye on your home regardless of where you are.

An article from Radium state that four out of five burglaries go unsolved. The article explains that, “Success rates in burglary inquiries appear to be comparatively low. Across all crimes, the proportion of cases closed without a suspect being identified falls to just under half (49 per cent)” – having a CCTV system that records footage could help the Police bring the burglars to justice. The Agility 3 alarm has cameras fitted to the detectors around your property and any movement is recorded and stored on the Risco Cloud. This means that any security footage is stored online and not on a device in your home that burglars could destroy or take with them.

Here at Lockrite we offer CCTV systems that are suitable for use in the home. Using plug and play wireless technology, these systems offer a fast and convenient way to protect your home or property from Burglars. You can monitor your driveway, garden, or anywhere else, on your pc, mobile or tablet, thanks to the supplied free apps for Android and iOs.

These systems are affordable and easy to install and allow you to keep an eye on your property and possessions, even if you’re thousands of miles away just by using your smartphone, laptop or computer.

CCTV based security systems will be able to notify you if motion is detected in your empty house. They will also record footage for later use, should the worst take place while you are away. The footage captured can be stored on an SD card or be sent straight to you smartphone, device or laptop.

Whenever you go on holiday you are leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. Effective security systems are crucial at this time of year. Coming back from your holiday to discover that your home has been broken into can be devastating and leave you not only without your valuables, but also no longer being able to feel safe in your own home.

Home Intruders Show No Mercy

Susan Ackbourne, a Surrey resident since 1975 came home in June from a family holiday to find that her house had been broken into despite her having believed she had left her home well protected. “We locked all the windows and told our neighbours we were away” said Susan, “but we came home to find that our patio door had not been double locked and an intruder had managed to get through the lock in no time at all. He had taken the kids iPads, my husband’s watch, money and other valuables that we thought would be safe in our own home. What should have a been a holiday of a lifetime was spoilt by coming home to find utter devastation in our home. We have since installed CCTV so we are able to view actual pictures of our house every time we are away from it. I constantly feel nervous anytime I have to leave the house empty, CCTV is helping me with this”.

Susan is just one of many homeowners who will suffer at the hands of thieves this summer. Protect your Surrey home today, speak to the experts at Lockrite Security to find out more about CCTV systems for you home. Call us on 01252 543309 to discuss your security requirements before you go on holiday!

Useful Resources

The Guardian: Police figures show violent crime in England and Wales is up 24%
Office of National Statistics: Crime in England and Wales: year ending Mar 2017
Radium: Four in five burglaries go unsolved!

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