Wireless Burglar Alarms in Camberley

With over 25 years of experience, Lockrite Security is one of the most trusted and reliable installers of wireless alarm in Camberley. Regardless of whether you are looking for wireless alarms for commercial or residential properties, our team will have everything covered.

Our alarm installation process has been perfected to ensure we are in and out as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality of the job. The wireless technology we use allows us to do this and free you of any hassle that might occur with regular wired alarm installations. We offer annual alarm maintenance contracts for your alarm system to ensure constant working order. It is intended to cover you for false alarms, cut lines, fire etc.

Benefits of our Wireless Alarms

If you are searching for home alarms in Camberley, then we can help you out. As a bonus, we will even throw in a free premises survey to look at your property and see the best ways in which it can be secured. Both commercial and residential customers benefit from our wireless alarm installation, so get in touch today to secure your Camberley premises.

  • No fuss installation: we have a team of highly trained technicians that have installed countless wireless alarms in Camberley for many years. They know how to install these wireless alarms promptly while ensuring the job gets done professionally too. They’re in and out before you know it, and leave no mess behind either
  • High-quality alarms: every alarm we install will comply with the Security System and Alarms Inspection Board requirements. It’s impossible for an alarm to reach these requirements without being of the highest quality
  • Maintenance: as well as installing your wireless alarms we also offer maintenance for our customers. You can choose between any of our maintenance contracts which are highly affordable and include to hidden fees or extra costs.
  • Rigorously tested: before any of our wireless alarms are installed they’re rigorously tested by our engineers. By doing this, we make sure we only install alarms that work properly

Protect What Matters with a Wireless Alarm

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    Wireless Alarm we Install

    Risco Agility 3 Wireless Alarm System

    The Agility 3 alarm system goes above and beyond what’s expected of a standard wireless system. This is one of the most popular home alarms in Camberley, and we’ve installed it multiple times. It includes some of the most high-tech motion detectors around, along with security cameras to ensure nothing goes undetected in your property. Not only do these cameras allow you to view footage of what’s happening inside your property, but they also allow you to record the footage or capture pictures. Furthermore, you can send these video/image files directly to your smartphone.

    Along with this, you can fully customise your alarm system by adding any of the different accessories on offer. This means you can add more motion sensors or cameras if your property is big and requires extra surveillance. Of course, it’s an entirely wireless alarm system which means you’re always connected to it. Installation is incredibly easy, and a member of our highly skilled team will visit your property to ensure everything is setup properly.

    Risco Wisdom Wireless Alarm

    We install and maintain wired and wireless alarm systems for residential and commercial clients. Our alarm specialists can design a security system that will work for you. We use state of the art wireless technology so you can be assured of a professional alarm installation by our approved SSAIB installers. Simple and fast to install, Wisdom has a user-friendly interface that enables easy installation, programming and use. In addition, it can be remotely programmed and / or controlled using local or remote Upload/Download software.

    If you are interested in either of these systems or would like more information on any of the wireless alarms we sell and install, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today. They can talk you through any technical details regarding the alarms, and help you decide which system is best for your home/office.

    Having a fully functional burglar alarm is essential if you want to keep your residential or commercial property as safe as can be. Our wireless alarms ensure you achieve this, and make it a lot harder for intrusions to go undetected. What’s more, the alarms we provide will also offer you a range of brilliant benefits.

    Types Of Wireless Intruder Alarms We Install

    It has been our mission for over two decades to ensure we provide our customers with the highest level of security possible. As a result, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to install a variety of different intruder alarms that are perfect for both homes and commercial properties.

    Audible Alarms

    Audible-only alarms are very popular for people looking for well rounded wireless alarms in Camberley. This is a very traditional alarm system, a siren will be activated if any intrusion is detected on your premises. By triggering a loud alarm siren, it will be clear to everyone in the area that your premises has been broken into.

    These alarm systems detect intrusion by using a mixture of different detectors (motion, contact and shock detectors). Primarily, motion and contact detectors are the biggest at play here. We offer our customers the opportunity to install a tried and tested audible-only alarm at their premises.

    Auto-Dial Alarms

    If you want to upgrade your audible-only alarm system, then we offer auto-dial alarms as well. They include everything mentioned above, with the added benefit of automatically dialling a list of phone numbers when an intrusion is detected. You can store any telephone numbers you want, and they will be called when your property is broken into.

    As a consequence, you can be notified of an intrusion even when you’re away from your property. We’ve installed many home alarms in Camberley, and these auto-dial alarms have become very popular as of late.

    Monitored Alarms

    We also provide monitored wireless alarms in Camberley which provide you with an extra level of security. These alarms are monitored 24/7, ensuring no intrusion ever goes under the radar. If someone triggers your alarm, the monitoring service will be alerted right away, and they can then notify the emergency services to send the police out to your premises.

    Each of these types of wireless alarm may suit a certain type of customer. Along with this, we also sell and install two of the best alarm systems around.

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    Professional guarding service for Camberley homes and businesses

    Additionally we offer a guarding service through our partner Phoenix Security. If an intruder breaks into your property, Phoenix Security will attend your premises to re-secure your property after a break-in.

    About Camberley

    Camberley is located in Surrey, close to the Hampshire and Berkshire borders. The town has two thriving retail and entertainment centres, The Mall and The Atrium. The Camberley Theatre is a vibrant arts centre offering a varied programme of theatre, dance, film and comedy. The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst is not far from Camberley. The town also has a lively sporting scene, with many activities taking place at The Arena leisure centre.

    A popular landmark in Camberley is a white elephant made out of concrete, made to resemble pieces of pipe. Originally built as advertising for a pipe company, upkeep of the elephant is now written into the tenancy contract for the premises it calls home.