Protecting Your business with Access Control

Protecting Your business with Access Control

Aside from your home and your car, your business will be the biggest investment you make in your life. In fact, your home and your car, may well depend on your business security. It therefore makes sense to explore all the security options available to you.

Paxton are providers of access control systems for all sizes and shapes of premises. Whether you have a small business with only a small area that requires tight security or have a large factory floor, controlling who can or can’t get in will be critical to the wellbeing of your business.

Why should you use access control?

Most businesses can get by with locks to protect their premises, whilst others may need or want additional protection for their business. Access control can help your business in a number of ways:

  • Improves security by limiting access to your premises
  • Access control can be combined with CCTV and an Intruder Alarm to provide sophisticated protection
  • You can keep an electronic record of who is in the building at any time, which is useful should a fire occur
  • Sensitive areas of the business can be locked down to authorised personnel only
  • Key cards can be revoked and regenerated should a card be lost or stolen, which is easier than having to change all the locks!

PC based access control allows you to easily issue and revoke access to certain areas of the premises. You can easily allow or deny access to parts of the building at any time through the use of one key card. This reduces the need of having multiple keys that could be duplicated without prior consent.

Using digital locks can allow staff and visitors access to various rooms within the building and it logs when access was granted and revoked for each user’s key card. This gives you more visibility about what is happening within your organisation day to day.

How can Access Control help your business?

Keep track of employees and visitors

Most business will almost certainly want to control which areas visitors can access. There are some businesses that also need to control employee access. Keeping a warehouse or storage area secure is of high importance as substantial losses can be suffered through pilfering. Breakages and spillage also occur when people enter places they shouldn’t be, so it’s not only a matter of trust but also one of safety and security.

Managing Business property

Companies that manufacture or develop sensitive products whether it involves intellectual property or dangerous chemicals need to control access for the safety of both their employees and the public. They also need to safeguard their intellectual property which could be industry sensitive. This means keeping unwanted intruders out is a top priority!

Safety and Security

Security situations may arise where staff need to remove themselves to a safe room. Utilising access controls in these scenarios are not dissimilar to those required in high security hospitals and psychiatric wards. There are times when an employee may need to protect themselves and company property.

Apart from the safeguarding of employees and company property during the working day, businesses become vulnerable when they are locked up for the night. Carefully planned intrusions usually take place early in the night so that intruders have time to complete their operation.

Controlling access to restricted areas

With Paxton areas can be managed by ensuring that all employees have clock codes to get through doors. Even employees that have access to high security areas can be monitored with time stamps that reveal the time of entering and leaving a controlled area. This means that should it be necessary to check CCTV camera recordings, the time frame can be narrowed down by checking the times that staff entered or exited the premises. Additionally, some employees can be restricted from entering certain areas such as a cash office or storage are, which does not relate the usual course of their employment.

Security measures

Systems that have been developed by Paxton have been designed with all situations in mind. Whether the system is a single access door, or multiple zoned areas that need management, Paxton has the solution. The equipment that Paxton provides can be integrated into multiple security situations such as Car parks, secure institutions or warehouse security.

Insurance and Theft prevention

Insurance premiums drop exponentially when mechanisms are in place to protect the secure environment. A robust security system such as Paxton is the answer to your peace of mind, regardless of the size of your organisation.

Paxton 10 Access Control

From ensuring the identity of the visitor using door entry systems with a screen, to keeping tabs on where and when people are going with token entry systems Paxton has the product range to suit the needs of any business.

“Paxton10 uses inputs, like the identification of a person or change in environment, to intelligently and automatically adjust security features and appliances. Built with elegance and simplicity in mind, Paxton10 is suitable for all types of buildings.”


Paxton flagship product the Paxton 10 illustrates how technology has come into its own to provide safety and security to any home or office. With the capacity to turn on the lights and heating remotely, integration with fire and intruder alarms, this product is a gem.

If you have any questions regarding access control please get in contact with our team who will be more than happy to help.

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