Business Security Services

Your business is a precious asset, and the office space in which you and your employees work is undoubtedly filled with expensive electronics, irreplaceable information and perhaps even large amounts of cash. Leaving the protection of your business to chance or even to the default security of your office building is a grievous mistake that could cost you everything.

In order to ensure that your business assets are fully protected, you must have a comprehensive security plan in place. Common features of a successful business security system include alarms with both onsite and offsite access, CCTV video surveillance that allows remote viewing, and depending on your physical location, security gates, lighting, and doors with swipe card entry.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike and your hard work to be compromised by theft or burglary. A smart and up to date security system, overseen by a reliable industry leader, is the only way to keep your valuable assets and all of your hard work out of harm’s way.

Commercial CCTV

We can arrange to visit your business and advice on how to secure your premises using our CCTV systems. We install a range of wired, wireless and IP cameras that allow remote monitoring via a smartphone or tablet device.

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Commercial Access Control

Access control systems offer a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed. Access control systems offer a high level of monitored access to your premises, that you really cannot live without.

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Commercial Alarm Systems

We install a wide range of of home security systems including burglar alarms, intruder detection systems, hard-wired alarms and wireless alarms.

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Commercial Security Shutters

The main aim of physical security is to convince potential attackers that the cost of attacking your property exceeds the value of making the attack in the first place. Our police approved Security Shutters are perfect for securing your business premises. All our shutters are CE marked and compliant with the latest European product directives.

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