Agility 3 Wireless Home Alarm

Risco have stopped making the Agility 3 home alarm and it’s been replaced with the Agility 4 Wireless Home Alarm. It is possible to upgrade your Agility 3 control panel to the newer model and have this integrate with your existing detectors. Contact us on 01252 543309 to speak to us about upgrading.

The Risco Agility 3 is Insurance approved and provides a very high level of security for your home. With advanced motion detectors and integrated cameras, you can detect, record and store footage of a break-in. The footage can then be viewed directly on your smartphone or tablet.

The Agility 3 is more than just a home alarm system. You can customize your alarm with a range of accessories and sensors to protect your family from intruders, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Alarm Installation with No Monthly Contracts

All of our alarm installations are a fixed price based on your individual requirements. There are no monthly fees or contracts for your alarm system installation, but there are optional extras where a contract may be required (like police monitoring or key holding).

With the Agility 3, you can be connected to your premises security at all times. The Agility 3 is a wireless security system that is specifically designed for the home, which uses detectors that are connected to a central panel. Agility 3 provides more – its a smart security system that uses passive Infra-red PIR cameras, which can sense and record movement inside the home.

Risco Agility 3: Alarm Features

  • Remotely control your alarm using the free iRisco Smartphone App for Android and iPhone
  • Free software for PC and MAC
  • No subscription fees or ongoing costs once the alarm has been installed
  • Can set up and use 32 wireless zones
  • Up to 8 wireless PIR cameras can be installed
  • PIR cameras have inbuilt infra-red for low light and nighttime images
  • Reliable 2-Way wireless detectors for indoor and outdoor protection
  • Attractive 2-Way wireless keypad with blue LCD and a key backlight which makes it easier to read
  • Pet-friendly PIR detectors
  • Connect the alarm to your existing Internet connection or mobile data SIM Card
  • 2-Way remote control and proximity tag to arm and disarm the system (in addition to using a PIN code)
  • 2-Way external and internal wireless sounders (battery powered)
  • Agility safety wireless sensors send automatic alerts when smoke, gas or carbon monoxide leaks are detected
  • Emergency transmitters for elderly family members
  • PSTN, IP and GSM/GPRS communication options

Protect What Matters with a Wireless Alarm

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    Say hello to the iRisco Smartphone App

    iRisco is a Smartphone App that allows you to control your home security system wherever you are.

    The app is compatible with all smartphones & tablets running on Apple or Android systems and can be downloaded directly from their respective App Stores. A desktop application is also available for PC users and can be accessed via web browser.

    What can the iRisco app do?

    • Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets
    • A desktop application is also available for PC users
    • Live video and 2-way audio streaming
    • Simplified set/unset of multiple partitions
    • Alarm screen for easier event handling
    • Manage up to 5 different panels using the smartphone app
    • Remote set/unset– configuration parameter
    • Unique status display of detectors – detector mapping view is now available with a colour status indication
    • Quick Bypass – enables the user to set the system even when it is a Not Ready status.

    If you own multiple properties you can benefit from Risco’s multi-panel support feature that allows you to monitor 5 different panels without the need to switch between multiple login accounts.

    Risco Agility 3: Sensors and Detectors

    eyeWAVE Wireless PIR eyeWave Wireless PIRThe eyeWAVE Wireless PIR Camera Detector is a battery powered PIR detector that includes an integrated camera for visual verification and is compatible with the Risco Agility 3 security system. Upon an intrusion event, or by homeowner demand, the camera captures and transmits a sequence of images to the Agility 3™ control panel that is then transmitted via GPRS or IP communication to a remote server or to the central monitoring station software.

    iWise Wireless Pet DetectoriWise Wireless Pet Detector The iWISE DT PET is ideal for any type of installation where pets are present, allowing complete freedom of movement for pets with no loss of intruder detection.

    Wireless Gas Detector The Wireless Gas Detector detects the build-up of cooking and heating gases including butane, propane and methane (Natural Gas) which may signify a leak and potential danger.
    Wireless Smoke & Heat DetectorWireless Smoke and Heat DetectorThe Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combine two advanced technologies within a compact and streamlined design. The Smoke and Heat Detector provides early detection of fire hazards within different environments with a reduced risk of false alarm. The detector is EN 14604 certified, easy to install and is compatible with the RISCO two-way wireless range.

    Risco Agility 3: Specifications

    Power: 230VAC (-15%+10%), 50Hz, 50mA
    GSM: Standby 35mA, Communication 300mA
    IP Card: 90mA (Max)
    Speaker configuration: External in parallel with internal or additional external
    Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 131°F)
    Dimensions: 268.5 mm x 219.5 mm x 64 mm (10.57 x 8.64 x 2.52 inch)
    Radio Immunity: According to EN 50130-4
    Units: Mainboard: Typical 130mA
    Modem: Standby 20mA, Communication 60mA
    Backup battery: Sealed Lead Acid Battery 6V 3.2Ah
    Internal Siren intensity: 90 dBA @1m
    Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
    Weight (no battery): 1.31Kg (Full configuration), GSM module: 0.045 Kg
    Frequency: 868.65 MHz/433.92 MHz

    The Agility 3 alarm system is connected to a cloud service called the Risco Cloud, which allows you to connect to your home alarm system using the Risco smartphone app. This allows you to view images taken from the motion sensors or activate/deactivate the alarm remotely.

    You can connect to your home from anywhere so if the PIR cameras sense unusual activity in the home it will send you a message directly to your smartphone. You can view the images directly on your smartphone. All images are stored on the Risco Cloud server so if its a real burglary; its been recorded!

    Protect What Matters with a Wireless Alarm

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      Recent Agility 3 Installations

      Our team of installers can advise and install the Agility 3 alarm in your home or small business premises. This home alarm is one of the most advanced on the market and we’re proud to be able to offer this product to our customers.

      The best feature of this alarm is any recorded video footage is stored on a remote server and thanks to the smartphone app you can easily view this footage on your mobile phone.