Agility 3 Home Alarm Installed in Farnham

Products Used: Agility 3 Home Alarm

We were contacted by a customer who wanted to install the Risco Agility 3 wireless alarm into their property in Farnham, Surrey. This was rather a large system and it took a while for our engineer to program in the alarm contacts and install the alarm at the property.

The customer had dual technology door and shock sensors on most of the doors so these had to be fitted and linked up to the control panel. Where the customer lived in a stone house, the wireless signal could not be relied upon so we had to run an Internet cable from the customer’s broadband router to the alarm’s control panel.

We normally use a TP link wireless range extender but we had to use an Internet cable, which meant drilling a hole in the wall and running the cable through to the control panel. Another challenge we faced was fitting the spur and socket as the customer wanted this to be flush against the wall. To achieve this we had to chisel the part of the wall and run the cables in behind, which took several hours as the walls were stone.

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