Security Lighting

Security lighting installationSecurity lighting can substantially enhance the protection of your home and business. Security lighting is an effective method of deterring would be intruders as people are less likely to commit a crime in well-lit areas for fear of being seen or caught.

As well as alerting you to potential intruders security lighting can automatically illuminate areas around your property. Our professionally installed security lighting can permanently light up a specific area and can be linked up to movement sensors to light up an area if movement is detected. This acts as a strong deterrent for opportunist thieves.

Security Lighting can be used in various locations around your premises but we recommend installing security lights near entrance doors and gates.

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The most common form of lighting is passive infra-red which is activated when someone comes into its field of vision. The light can be set to stay on for a set time and then it will re-set if the cause of its activation is no longer present. A passive infra-red unit can activate single or multiple lights.

For additional security we can integrate external lighting with a CCTV system allowing you to record movement and suspicious behavior around your property.

Security Lighting

Sensory flood lighting that is triggered by movement is very cheap and effective to install at the back, side and front of your home. This type of lighting is likely to deter a thief walking onto your property and will stay on for some time, alerting you and your neighbours. Another effective deterrent is to keep an exterior light on at the front and back of your home which has a sensor that turns off during the day.