Security Gates

Lockrite are specialists in the supply and installation of quality automatic gates, retractable gates and barriers that may be used in conjunction with the latest high tech electronic access control systems.

We provide a range of high quality, cost effective physical access security solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of today’s security conscious company. Lockrite Security have installed a range of security barriers, electric gates and cantilever gates throughout Hampshrie, Surrey and Berkshire.

Electric Security Gates

Electric Security Gates FarnboroughElectric gates improve the security of property and are suitable for home and business premises. If you are buying electric gates for your family home then you’ll benefit from the knowledge that your children or pets are safe playing in your garden.

An electric gate is an effective deterrent for burglars and they can be remotely operated using a remote control for ease of use and you can customise our electric gates to closely match the style of your property.

The current economic downturn has played a big part in more people feeling the need for extra security. How often do you drive past a residential property and see their driveway gates left open simply because the owner didn’t want to get out of their car to close them? With Electronic Gate you can automate the whole process, enabling you to secure your home with ease. And with affordable new technology, more and more people are now using electric gates to increase their home security.

Whatever type of entrance control system you need, we can help you to find a solution using trained experts who can install an Electronic Gate to suit your requirements.

Cantilever Security Gates

A cantilever gate is a counterbalanced sliding gate that does not require a track along the length of the opening. Our Cantilever Security gates provide high quality, robust security for most types of commercial and industrial application.

They are manufactured from RHS sections of sufficient strength to suit operating requirements which are dependent upon automatic sliding gate opening width, height, type of infill (windloading/weight) and the level of security required.

Like most of our security solutions, our cantilever security gates are supplied and fitted to your individual requirements. Our team will arrange to visit your property to discuss your requirements and take all necessary measurements.