Patlock French Door & Conservatory Lock

Patlock French Door Conservatory Lock

Lockrite Security are pleased to announce that we are the only Patlock stockist in the South East.

The Patlock is a stylish and revolutionary lock that has been designed for French Doors and Conservatory locking systems.

The Patlock was designed to help home owners secure their property against burglars and the growing issue of lock snapping.

Burglars will look to gain entry to your premises the weakest point of the property where they have less chances of being spotted.

This is why intruders will look to gain entry at the back of the property in the hope that they can snap the lock of your French Doors or conservatory locks and gain entry to the property.

Fitting the Patlock removes the risk of lock snapping because your doors security is maintained even when the locking mechanism has been removed from the doors.

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    Features of the Patlock

    • Instant protection for French Door locks
    • Easily fitted and released in seconds
    • No keys or code numbers required
    • Adds extra security and provides peace of mind
    • Supplied with a pair of tamper resist door spindles

    Locking systems on French Doors are operated by the door handles. If the handles are held secure all shoot bolts and levers remain in the locked position ensuring the doors cannot be opened. This stops the exterior handles from being operated and the doors unable to be opened from the outside.

    Each PATLOCK comes with a pair of Tamper resist spindles which once fitted cannot be removed from the exterior, enhancing the security that PATLOCK provides.

    PATLOCK is to be used as an additional security device for French Doors and not as a replacement for existing locks.