Mortice Locks

Mortice LocksA mortice lock is generally used for front/side and back doors as they provide added security. The majority of insurance companies now specify that High Specification BS 3621 Security Locks are fitted to validate your home insurance. These are also recommended by Crime Prevention Officers.

Mortice refers to the hole in the door in which the lock is fitted. These types of locks are most commonly found on wooden doors and are more popular in the UK and Europe. A mortice lock is often referred to as a ‘Chubb’ lock by people in the UK, since Chubb has become the brand leader for this type of lock.

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    What types of Mortice Lock are available?

    Lever Mortice Locks

    Lever Mortice LockLever Mortice Locks are commonly fitted in domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK. Most lever Mortice Locks are very similar in their workings – a key is inserted in to the lock which when turned will lift levers to the correct height enabling the bolt to be locked and unlocked.

    Cylinder Mortice Locks

    Cylinder Mortice LockCylinder Mortice Locks are commonly found in domestic premises, but in recent years we’ve seen an increase in people having cylinder mortice locks fitted to their homes as they offer more flexibility with master suites and restricted keys. Cylinder mortice locks are normally fitted with a euro profile cylinder or an oval profile cylinder, which can be key operated from both sides of the door.