Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems make it possible to create multi-level key entry systems with unique access for different key holders. Master key features are offered based on a vast number of key combinations without compromising security.

Master key systems allow certain people access to certain areas of your premises. For instance everyone may have access to entrance and exit doors, whilst staff may have access to other areas of your premises. The business owner would have one key that gives them access to every single door. With careful planning master key suites can be a powerful and cost-effective means of securing your building.

Where can Master Suites be used?

Lockrite Security install master key systems into a range of premises. Master key systems are ideal for the following types of premises.

  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Council offices
  • Retail premises
  • Small, Medium and Large businesses
  • Hotels / B&B’s
  • Care homes
  • Block of flats and tenanted buildings

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    Examples of Master Suites

    Say you have a hotel with 10 guest rooms, 3 storage cupboards, a main lobby entrance/exit and 1 room for the hotel owner.

    To secure the premises using standard locks would mean:

    • Each guest has 1 key for their room and 1 key for the hotel entrance/exit.
    • Cleaners would have 10 keys for the guest rooms, 3 keys for the storage cupboards and 1 key for the main entrance (Total of 14 keys).
    • The hotel owner would have access to all the rooms (10 keys), all of the storage cupboards (3 keys), 1 key for the hotel entrance/exit and 1 key for his room (Total of 15 keys).

    With a master suite this would mean:

    • If you were a guest at the hotel your key would only open your guest room door and the main entrance/exit door.
    • The cleaners would have 1 key that would open all the guest rooms, the storage cupboards and the hotel entrance/exit door.
    • The hotel owner would have 1 master key that would open all guest rooms, all storage cupboards, the hotel entrance/exit door and his own room.

    Terminology Explained

    Keyed to Differ – Individually keyed locks can only be opened by its own key.

    Keyed Alike – A number of locks can be operated by the same key. For example one key to open your front and back door. For business you may need one key to open security shutters, gates as well as front and back doors.

    Master Keyed – Each lock has its own key which will not operate any other lock. All locks can be operated by a single key, usually held by the site owner, security guard or key holding company (this is the master key).