Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Inspire Blue DVRA Digital Video Recorder is a security product that allows you to record CCTV footage. These units normally are digitally signed to a legally identifiable standard to prevent tampering of recorded footage and images.

If a crime has been recorded to your DVR through one of your CCTV cameras then you can make a copy of incident to a USB memory stick to be used as evidence by police.

Features of the Inspire Blue DVR

  • Supports Pan, Tilt & Zoom control
  • Snapshot capability, to save to your local photo gallery
  • Ability to change IP address and port as desired for internal and remote users
  • View one or multiple cameras on one screen
  • View the cameras using your smartphone or tablet

CCTV Monitoring with Tablet and SmartPhone Viewing

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    Specifications of our Digital Video Recorder

    Hard Drive Capacity up to 6TB (6 Terabytes)
    Video Recording Quality H.264 High Definition recording
    Frame rate Channel independent record rate of 100 frames per second
    Channels 4 – 16
    Device support Can be operated using IR remote control, USB mouse and compatible smartphones
    Motion Detection? Motion detect available on each channel with sensitivity
    Scheduled Recording? Yes
    Password Protection? Yes
    Mobile Phone Compatible? Fully compatible with Internet enabled smartphones
    Mobile Phone Compatibility Live video feeds can be viewed on Apple iPhone /iPad or smartphones using Android, Symbian or Windows operating systems
    Dimensions Size: 340 x 260 x 50mm
    Connectors 1x BNC monitor out
    1x VGA monitor output
    1x Alarm relay out
    4x Audio in, 1x Audio out
    1 x USB 1.1 port for mouse
    Camera Support PTZ cameras (via RS485 port), supports Pelco P/D
    Media backup options Backup to USB memory stick using built in USB 2.0 port
    Backup to external hard drive using built in USB 2.0 port
    Backup player automatically copied with each backup