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Are you thinking about getting a review or a service of your CCTV equipment? CCTV will be a vital part of the security for your property. Without working and effective CCTV equipment, you won’t be able to get evidence of people entering and leaving your building.

Putting off a CCTV service can leave your home or business vulnerable to a break-in – that’s why the CCTV review and servicing solutions we offer are essential.

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Why Do You Need Your CCTV Equipment Serviced?

There are a number of reasons why you should get your CCTV equipment serviced or reviewed. If it is outside, it will be exposed to the weather. This can mean that your CCTV equipment has been damaged and may be close to not functioning at all.

Animals have been known to chew through wires connecting your CCTV equipment to the power lines. If this occurs, your CCTV cameras won’t be recording anything. Essentially, they will be completely useless at capturing footage but may serve as a deterrent.

On the most basic level, the angle of your cameras might have been changed. This is crucial for two reasons. First, legally you are not allowed to record any area of another person’s property. Regardless of whether this is unintentional if your cameras are recording your neighbor’s property, you could be sued. Second, the change in angle may mean that there is a blindspot in your security.

CCTV equipment does age and is not always as durable as you would hope. That’s why it will need some TLC to make sure it continues to work effectively. If you don’t get your CCTV systems serviced, they could fail you at the worst possible time.

Keeping Up To Date

Technology is always evolving and growing. The cameras you bought and installed on your property last year are not as effective or as powerful as the ones available on the market today. It’s up to you when you want to upgrade your CCTV systems.

With a service, we can show you the type of footage you’re getting and offer advice on some of the new systems and cameras available for purchase and installation. If you are interested in upgrading, we’ll handle this for you and make sure you have the best protection for your business or home.

Remember, older systems are far more likely to develop faults and technical problems. Aside from that, you may just be recording blurry footage that won’t be any use when you need it.

Don’t Wait to get Your CCTV serviced

Your home or business property could be vulnerable right now due to malfunctioning CCTV systems. Book a review or a range a service today, and we can check this for you. Your CCTV systems will be checked and inspected by an expert, trained to notice any issues that could be apparent.

A helpful member of our team will tell you if there are any problems and advise you on the best possible solution. Our reviews and services are priced to value, and we have the experience to handle all CCTV systems.

Without CCTV servicing, you will never know whether your property is truly secure.

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