CCTV Installations

Lockrite Security install a range of different CCTV systems for home and business customers throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

We have helped businesses secure their premises and assets using large multi-camera installations through to helping home owners with single and small-scale multi-camera setups.

What CCTV system do I need?

Single camera CCTV System – The most basic system is a camera and a monitor, which is ideal for homes owners and small shops who need to secure small areas.

Multiple Camera CCTV system – Multiple cameras could be installed around your premises and linked up to a digital video recorder allowing you to see live footage from all the cameras at once – each recorded frame would have a date and time stamp.

Fully functional CCTV systems – A large CCTV system with multiple cameras is better suited for larger businesses who need to secure larger premises. The footage from each camera would be digitally stored for playback and the operator can control/move the cameras from a control panel to get the best results.

CCTV Monitoring with Tablet and SmartPhone Viewing

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    What type of camera would I need?

    Black and white or colour? – Depending on budget, colour cameras are usually preferable – especially where detail can be important, for example in identifying merchandise in a retail outlet. But in situations like access control, black and white is often quite adequate.

    Overt or covert? – It depends what you want to achieve. Overt cameras say “there’s someone watching” and can have a strong deterrent effect. On the other hand, covert cameras are not easily seen and are ideal for identifying offenders in order to secure a conviction – for example, a sneak thief in a factory locker room.

    Static or fully-functional? – Static cameras are fixed in one position, usually looking at a vulnerable area. They deliver a pre-determined view and any action taking place out of frame cannot be recorded. Fully functional cameras are fitted on larger installations, often on the outside of buildings. They can pan and tilt, zoom in and out, and can be operated by a security guard to get the best view possible of activity in a wide area.