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Are you thinking about getting your garage door serviced? If you have owned your property for a number of years, getting your garage door serviced is a smart decision. You will extend the life of the door and even provide a higher level of protection for your home. Old garage doors that fall into disrepair can become an easy entry point for criminals, and this will be particularly dangerous if your garage is connected to your home.

We provide a fantastic garage door service that you can trust and will make sure that your roller garage door lasts for years.

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    What Problems Can Develop With A Garage Door?

    Your garage door can develop a lot of issues over the years. For instance, you might have an electric garage door. If you do, be aware that the battery for the garage door motor should be changed every 5-7 years.

    If a garage door isn’t checked regularly, it can develop serious issues. For instance, slats of the garage door can become loose, and this will impact the integrity of the door itself. These will need to be replaced quickly to ensure that your home and garage remain secure.

    Your door might be metal. If that’s the case, the garage door can rust, leaving it in a terrible state. This is particularly common if water has been building up near the bottom of the door. We can check for issues like this and arrange the right repair you need.

    What Issues Will This Cause?

    Aside from potentially leaving your home open to a break-in, an issue with your garage door can cause a number of problems in your home. If it is no longer secure, a garage door can be dangerous. It might fall at a crucial moment injuring a member of your family or damaging your vehicle. Alternatively, you might find that it just doesn’t open at all. As well as this, if left unchecked, problems will become more severe, and repairs can get increasingly expensive.

    Eventually, you may find that you need a brand new garage door for your home. While this may be a great chance to modernize your property’s aesthetic, it may not fit in your budget. Replacing your garage door can cost a lot of money, particularly, when you take into account installation charges. We can help you avoid this.

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