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Buyers Guide: Cheap CCTV Sold With Known Vulnerabilities

Rising concerns about home security have driven more and more households in the UK to take preventive steps to protect themselves. A quick search, online or in shops, is typically all it takes to find cheap CCTV cameras. They’re so easy to set that most households don't need to do more than plug them to the network to experience the full benefits of a CCTV system. Ultimately, the public perception is that CCTV is synonymous with security. However, while in theory, CCTV cameras can provide a greater sense of security at home, in practice, many cheap security cameras you can...

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Security in Schools

Security in schools has been an issue that has been around ever since the modern schoolroom came into being. As society has hurtled toward a world controlled and utilised by technology, new security issues and standards have developed. School security is unique in several ways. It serves not only to keep unwanted visitors out but also to keep staff and students safe inside the school building. Security in schools has never been as important as it is now.

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Protecting Your business with Access Control

Most businesses can get by with locks to protect their premises, whilst others may need or want additional protection for their business. This article focuses on how businesses can use access control to improve security and save money as conventional keys will be replaced with key cards or keyfobs.

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Is your locksmith a cowboy?

Cowboys and locksmiths have become an ever recurring theme in our industry. We have helped countless customers that have been affected by cowboy locksmiths, from shoddy work to overpriced quotes - we've seen it all. In this article we discuss how you can protect yourself and what checks you should do before hiring a locksmith.

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