When we’re not busy installing security systems, we like to share company news, product reviews and the latest industry developments with our customers.

Is your locksmith a cowboy?
Cowboys and locksmiths have become an ever recurring theme in this industry casting a shadow over this heritage trade. Locksmiths have been around as long as the modern lock. Although locks were developed in Ancient Egypt, the modern lock as we know it was first developed in the late 18th... Read more »
Buyers Guide: Roller Garage Door for the Elderly

The garage door is a feature of any home that we live in, that we always remember. As children, we may remember how we struggled to open the garage door, to sneak in and rifle through dad’s tools or sporting kit. What we got up to may become a forgotten… Read more »

Secure Your Home This Summer!

With the mercury finally rising and summer holidays on the horizon, the temptation to leave windows open while you are out increases. Of course, we all love the feel of a gentle breeze blowing through the house on a hot stuffy day, but to would-be home intruders a window lift… Read more »

Crime on the increase throughout Surrey

The staff at Lockrite Security have put together a list of local crime reports throughout Surrey. We have seen an increase in crime being reported in the local news and online sources but instead of having to check lots of websites you can keep up to date in one place…. Read more »

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